The beneficiary clause and the CPIC partnership contract

The original document of the beneficiary clause must be:

  • printed on both sides;
  • completed;
  • signed on the reverse;
  • sent to CPIC by postal mail

Download beneficiary clause

Download CPIC’s partnership form

“Compulsory rightful claimants” – 100 % of capital

It is mandatory to designate in this section the spouse, or failing which, the civil partner and under age children, if any, to whom the entirety of the capital would  be awarded first in conformity with Swiss Law on Professional Providence (LPP). 60% of the capital is due to the spouse or, failing which, the civil partner, 40% of the capital is due to under age children in equal shares. Where there are no compulsory rightful claimants, optional rightful claimants may be considered.

“Optional rightful claimants” – 100 % of capital

Persons who may be designated freely :  children of age, father and mother, brothers and sisters, blood relatives such as nephews, nieces and other legal heirs or any other person(s) to whom the member gives substantial financial support at the time of his/her death. Please state the surnames, first names, dates of birth and place of residence of the designated persons, their family ties and shares to be paid. Organisations, charities or similar entities are excluded.