Single and permanent point of contact

Conference interpreters not only have to have a perfect command of several languages. They must also have an in depth understanding of the context and what is at stake in the discussion they are translating. To be able to exercise this profession calls for a high level of human and technical skills. Now, interpreters do not all have the same status. Some of them are on the payroll of companies or international bodies, while others work as freelances. Their clients are varied, so is their remuneration.

Paris, Geneva, Brussels

Living in Paris while working in Geneva one day and Brussels the next – mobility is a frequent characteristic of conference interpreters. They are cosmopolitan in their outlook and in the way they organise their lives. Moreover, the life of a conference interpreter does not have to be regular. Certain times are very busy, while others are much calmer.

The challenge of making stable, unified provision for old age

CPIC gives interpreters the crucial advantage of being a single, permanent point of contact for making provision for old age throughout their whole career. Every time they work, whatever the practical arrangements, their pension contributions build up with CPIC and are able to thrive there.