In the event of death and invalidity

The term “provident fund” generally evokes associations with retirement and preparation for later years. It is readily forgotten that such an institution can also cover other crucial risks in life, especially invalidity and death. In the event of death, what happens to the contributions paid into the pension fund throughout a career? Everyone would hope that that money would be returned to those nearest and dearest to them, so that they can continue to enjoy a comfortable standard of living.

In the event of the death, the savings of a CPIC beneficiary are transferred to the beneficiary’s rightful claimants. Above and beyond that, CPIC works in association with top-grade partners, making it possible for its beneficiaries to extend their cover to more than retirement, which it provides itself, and to take out insurance against the risks of invalidity through accident and accidental death and also pure life assurance, covering them in the event of an accident or illness.