Shielded from ups and downs

A conference interpreter’s life is far from being a river that runs smoothly. There are times when work is there in abundance, but also shorter or longer periods with no work at all. During periods of inactivity, interpreters much appreciate being able to reduce their expenditure.

Beneficiaries without work can remain affiliated to CPIC. During this period, they are not required to pay in any new amounts, and the capital they have already accumulated during their active period will continue to produce returns. When they start to work again, they can resume making payments just like they did before.

Choosing a preferred growth strategy

Today, there is a strong tendency towards freedom of choice in providential matters. Beneficiaries sometimes feel the desire to have a greater say in the management of their retirement assets. At the same time, they value the security assured by the professional, prudent approach of the pension fund.

CPIC beneficiaries can choose between different investment approaches depending on their age. Up until the age of 55, the approach is focused on long-term growth. Beyond that, interpreters are free to opt instead for a “conservative” approach, the principal characteristic of which is to maintain the value of savings in the short term, with a view to retiring soon. The choice depends on the beneficiaries’ expectations and the time horizon available to them up until retirement.

Protection against exchange risks

Conference interpreters are a mobile people. London, Paris, Berlin, Geneva… – interpreters have different starting points, but mobility is characteristic of all of them. That makes them vulnerable to an additional risk associated with exchange rates, particularly that between the euro and the Swiss franc.

CPIC has sized up this risk and its potential impact on the level of the benefits offered. For that reason, our beneficiaries are able to choose at any time if they want to have an account in euros or in Swiss francs.