Growth segment in Swiss francs (Segment C)

Annual subscription deadline : 30th November

You live in regions other than the euro zone…

You wish to preserve your capital from  exchange rate volatility…

CPIC suggests you invest in the growth segment with the Swiss franc as its reference currency (Segment C), an alternative to CPIC’s main segment, the growth segment in euros (Segment A).

The aim of this segment is to produce a long-term return (as for Segment A) and to preserve the capital
from the exchange-rate volatility affecting beneficiaries living in regions other than the euro zone, in particular in Switzerland.

It is open to those beneficiaries who wish to subscribe to it.

Subscriptions are possible once a year and have to be submitted so as to be received by 30 November at the latest in order to take effect on 1 January of the following year.

In order to be able to transfer the contributions paid in Swiss francs by international organisations without conversion into euros, it is necessary to ask your employers to mention that they are “employer contributions for Segment C”.

It is also possible to make personal payments in Swiss francs. These will be blocked in Swiss francs by our bank. Any such personal payment must be clearly labeled as “personal payment for Segment C”.

No remuneration will be paid on sums of money blocked waiting to be invested. We thus advise you to make transfers for a value date shortly before the end of the Segment C subscription period and to make sure that the ad-hoc subscription form has indeed been sent to us before the deadline.

If the employer contributions or the personal payments are not labeled in this way, the sum concerned will be automatically converted into euros.

Click here for CPIC’s full banking details.

First of all, you must indicate the beneficiary of the transfer, i.e. CPIC. Then make sure that you indicate the bank’s name and full address  as well as the reference (i.e. your name, your beneficiary number and the indication “employer contributions for Segment C” or “personal payment for Segment C”).

If you are interested, having read Segment C’s regulation, please complete the subscription form and return it to the CPIC Secretariat within the indicated time limit.

For detailed figures, please consult the tab “Performance“.