An organisation at your service

CPIC is a private-law foundation registered as a business in the Canton of Geneva, where it has its seat. CPIC’s object, organisation and benefits are defined in its Statutes and By-Laws.

The General Assembly of beneficiaries is the Fund’s supreme statutory body. Its powers comprise, in particular, the adoption and amendment of the Statutes and By-Laws and the approval of the annual financial statements. It elects the members of the Foundation Board, which administers the Fund, and also the statutory auditors, whose function is to perform an annual audit of the Fund’s accounts and investments.

The Foundation Board has five members, four of whom are beneficiaries of the Fund plus an independent President, who is not a beneficiary of the Fund.

In Switzerland, CPIC benefits from tax exemption on the contributions it receives on behalf of its beneficiaries, its assets and any return on them.

The benefits are taxed at source in Switzerland, unless there are other provisions in double-taxation treaties between Switzerland and the beneficiary’s country of residence.

There to serve you

CPIC’s daily business is conducted by a Secretariat, which is there to deal with any information or service you may require.

On top of the regulatory framework and supervision by the cantonal authority, to which CPIC is subjected, its management is based on a robust set of values defined by the Foundation Board. Professionalism, ethics and performance are amongst the key values in the eyes of the individuals who give CPIC its life and soul and assure its development.