A system of capitalisation

CPIC operates according to a system of capitalisation. Having deducted its expenses, it then automatically passes on to the beneficiaries the entirety of the returns on its investments. These are governed by regulations which come close in spirit to the statutory investment limits applicable to Swiss pension funds.

CPIC’s assets are managed by bank teams with an impeccable record as wealth managers, on the basis of three portfolios or segments:

the “growth” segment in euros (Segment A), the aim of which is a long-term yield

the “conservative” segment in euros (Segment B), open to all beneficiaries aged 55 and above whose investment aim is to preserve the value of their retirement capital

the “growth” segment in Swiss francs (Segment C) the aim of which is a medium and long-term return

CPIC’s investments are evaluated monthly at market value and expressed in the form of the value of a CPIC share, namely an A share, B share or C share.

Responsible investment

Makeup of our retirement capital