For retirement

CPIC’s foremost mission is to cushion its beneficiaries against the economic consequences of ageing. We set out to offer favourable retirement coverage. We manage the compulsory contributions paid in by your employers or clients. We also offer you the possibility of paying in complementary personal amounts.

Pension or capital?

Pension or capital? That is a question that everyone asks as the time for retirement approaches. A pension is a secure income for life. Capital creates an opportunity to invest, for instance in property. It is all a question of aims and organisation. CPIC, however, makes it possible to choose either a pension or capital – a real asset. It is also possible to take some of the money as capital and the rest as a pension.

From the age of 60 onwards, beneficiaries are entitled to withdraw the whole of the capital accumulated in their name. If they opt to do so, however, they must leave the Fund. Before the age of 60, they may withdraw the “interpreter’s” part of their contributions and, if applicable, any voluntary payments they may have made. The “employer’s” contribution, on the other hand, must be transferred to a body approved by CPIC. In this case too, beneficiaries must leave the Fund.