Geneva,  January 15, 2024


CPIC GENERAL ASSEMBLY June 1st 2024, in Brussels

Candidatures for election to the Foundation Board


The Foundation Board Members are elected for a 3-year term and are eligible for re-election (art. 23 Statutes).


A Member of the Foundation Board has completed his term of office and must be replaced on June 1st, 2024 (art. 23 Statutes) :

ANDRÉ Daniel, beneficiary, domiciled in Belgium.

Two Members of the Foundation Board have completed their term of office and have decided to stand again on June 1st, 2024 (art. 23 Statutes):

ARBAJI-SFEIR Anne-Marie,  beneficiary, domiciled in  France.

Françoise LANDGRAF,  beneficiary, domiciled in  Switzerland.




In accordance with the procedure for the application of active beneficiaries for the position of Member of the Foundation Board (art. 17 By Laws) :

  • candidatures must be sent in writing to the CPIC Secretariat before April 16, 2024, with the indication of the legal place of residence and a curriculum vitae to which, in accordance with usual practice, a letter of motivation will be attached;


  • the candidatures submitted will be sent to the Beneficiaries in due time.



N.B.     Candidates should bear in mind that the Foundation Board usually meets on Fridays and Saturdays and that communication between the Members of the Board and the Secretariat for the purpose of consultation and in the interest of expediency is by telephone and e-mail.