The supreme body of CPIC

53th CPIC General Assembly - May 13, 2023 in Paris

Beneficiaries present: 13

Beneficiaries participating remotely: 38

Beneficiaries represented: 100

Proxies not attributed: 0

Recruitment of new beneficiaries

In the course of 2022, the Foundation Council once again focused on stepping up the dialogue with the new generation of interpreters and encouraging them to join CPIC. This it did by continuing to distribute the Fund’s presentation brochure* electronically both to interpreting schools and to interpreters of all ages already working in the institutional and/or private market, for whom virtual meetings had been organised. Encouraging results in terms of CPIC membership have been noted in recent years.



Sustainability report of the euro growth portfolio

The Foundation Board presented an annual sustainability report for the investment management of the Euro Growth Portfolio (Segment A). This report shows what has already been achieved in this area and provides the necessary benchmarks for continuous improvement in the sustainability of the portfolio.

It was also an opportunity to explain the content of the CPIC Sustainability Charter and to remind that sustainability standards are applied while respecting the criteria of investment performance and security.

In addition, CPIC has been actively engaged with companies as a shareholder for many years through the ESG campaigns run by the Ethos Foundation.

Importance of regular savings

The Foundation Board also wishes to emphasise the importance of regular savings, based on contributions from international institutions and organisations as well as personal payments, and invested over the long term in occupational pension provision. The example shows that regular savings are rewarded in the long term at the time of retirement, a message that should encourage young interpreters to join CPIC from their first contract. See the following link on the CPIC website for an example of long-term investment of occupational pension assets:

Il is now possible to view a projection of your personal savings using the savings calculator provided under this link.

Personal Paiements

The Board of Trustees reminds us that during the years when beneficiaries do not receive contributions, their membership of the CPIC is maintained and their capital continues to grow. Beneficiaries may at any time make personal contributions of up to CHF 46,000 or EUR 46,000 per year to increase their retirement savings.


The Assembly warmly thanked Jacques-André SCHNEIDER, outgoing President, for his unfailing commitment and the excellence of his presidency of the CPIC from 2003 to 2023.

It elected a new President, Mrs Anne Troillet, a partner in the law firm Troillet Meier Raetzo, a specialist in Swiss labour law and occupational benefit planning, and a member of the Ethos Foundation Board.

Reminder to beneficiaries

If there is any change in your address, your name or your e-mail, please do not forget to inform the secretariat.

If you have not communicated your e-mail address yet, think of informing the secretariat.

Chek whether you need to update your beneficiary’s clause.