The supreme body of CPIC

50th CPIC General Assembly - 24 October 2020 via video streaming

Beneficiaries present online: 104

Voting forms received by CPIC: 90

Result of the vote:

Subjects 3, 4, 5, 7:  yes unanimously

Subject 8 radiation of beneficiaries:  88 yes; 1 no; 1 abstention

Subject 9 appointment of auditors:  89 yes; 1 no

Link to download the written presentation of the GA of 24 October 2020:

Recruitment of new beneficiaries

The Foundation Council encourages beneficiaries to reinforce the dialogue with the new generation of interpreters and encourage them to join the Fund and participate in the network of interpreters who are beneficiaries. There is currently a “pdf” version of CPIC’s presentation brochure, updated to 2019 figures, available on the website:

Reminder of the importance of regular savings

The Board of the Foundation also wishes to emphasise the importance of regular savings, based on contributions from international institutions and organisations as well as personal payments, and invested over the long term in occupational pension provision. The example shows that regular savings are rewarded in the long term at the time of retirement, a message that should encourage young interpreters to join CPIC from their first contract. See the following link on the CPIC website for an example of long-term investment of occupational pension assets:

Personal Paiements

The Foundation Council reminds beneficiaries that, during years when beneficiaries do not receive any employer contributions, CPIC membership is maintained and the capital continues to grow. Beneficiaries may make personal contributions of up to CHF 40’000.- or EUR 40’000.- per year at any time in order to increase their retirement savings

Technical amendements to the Statutes the By-Laws:

The Assembly accepted the formal amendments to the Statutes and By-Laws on the basis of the appendices which have been available on the website under the heading “Convocation of the 2020 General Assembly”.

Insurance B

The Chairman informs the General Meeting that the contract relating to the optional insurance in the event of death due to illness or accident – Insurance B – was terminated by PK-RÜCK on 31 December 2020 due to a directive excluding beneficiaries domiciled outside Switzerland and Liechtenstein from the insurance cover. This implies the expiry of the 10 insurance contracts still in existence on 31 December 2020. The beneficiaries concerned were informed directly by registered letter on 29 February 2020.

In addition, since 2012 no Swiss insurer has been able to insure CPIC for the above-mentioned reasons. As of that year, PK-RÜCK had been the only possible alternative for maintaining B insurance. It is therefore not possible to renew the B insurance with another insurer, especially as this insurance has lost interest among CPIC beneficiaries over the years.

Reminder to beneficiaries

If there is any change in your address, your name or your e-mail, please do not forget to inform the secretariat.

If you have not communicated your e-mail address yet, think of informing the secretariat.

Chek whether you need to update your beneficiary’s clause.