The supreme body of CPIC

49th CPIC General Assembly - 15 June 2019 in Paris

Beneficiaries present: 27

Beneficiaries represented: 150

Proxies not attributed: 0

Recruitment of new beneficiaries

The Foundation Council wishes to encourage beneficiaries to continue distributing CPIC’s brochure “Customised retirement provision for a remarkable profession”, in order to reinforce the dialogue with the new generation of interpreters and encourage them to join the Fund and participate in the network of interpreters who are beneficiaries. The brochure, which was updated in 2018, can be ordered by e-mail.

Personal Paiements

The Foundation Council reminds beneficiaries that, during years when beneficiaries do not receive any employer contributions, CPIC membership is maintained and the capital continues to grow. Beneficiaries may make personal contributions of up to CHF 40’000.- or EUR 40’000.- per year at any time in order to increase their retirement savings

Amendements to the By-Laws:

The Assembly accepted two amendments to the By-Laws, Art. 7bis concerning the transfer of pension assets to CPIC and Art. 10 relating to withdrawal.

These are editorial amendments aimed at bringing the terminology used into line with the practice for transferring pension assets and pension rights to CPIC (art. 7bis) and at clarifying the two articles by deleting the last paragraph of Article 10 and including it as the last paragraph of Article 7 bis.


The Assembly re-elected its Vice-President, Daniel ANDRÉ, and elected a new member to the Foundation Council, Stefka IVANOVA, to replace Agnès PERROT.

Reminder to beneficiaries

If there is any change in your address, your name or your e-mail, please do not forget to inform the secretariat.

If you have not communicated your e-mail address yet, think of informing the secretariat.

Chek whether you need to update your beneficiary’s clause.